May 28, 2008

Creekside 2001 Laura’s Blend Red

(Re-Tasted May 2008) … I loved this wine so much at first tasting I bought quite a few bottles (6 to be exact) and I still have 3 left. 2001 was a good year in Ontario, except for our vineyard friends the ladybugs, who got munched up in the grapes and secreted that foul smelling and tasting pyrazine chemical into the wines. Thankfully this wine has none of that. Today, some 7 years from vintage date (and 2½ from original tasting), I popped the cork and tried it again. The nose grabbed me by the hairs and screamed “green pepper”, which was all over this wine – there were also some black currants, but they only peaked through that green pepper curtain. The taste is loaded with cedary notes … heck, forget notes, it was like chewing on a stave; little fruit seems to exist here. And that previously mentioned green pepper – well that appears just prior to swallowing and all over the finish and into the aftertaste, but little shows up in the mouth itself. A little aeration proved to be only slightly helpful in bringing out more flavours and different smells. It’s still drinkable and not unpleasant, but I’m not sure I know where it’s going, or if it’s gone. With so many bottles left, I’ll try it again at the end of the summer and let you know.

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