March 4, 2010

Thirty Bench Winemakers 2005 Riesling

(Re-Tasted March 2010) ... When it is perceived that Riesling is all you do then you'd better do it really really well.  Now I know that Thirty Bench makes more than just Riesling, but every year they put out four Rieslings, three vineyard specific versions (Steel, Wood and Triangle) and the other a blend of those three.  They've gotten so good at it that most people consider them a Riesling producer above any other grape variety.  Now those of you who follow this sporadic column know that I have been talking about the premature petrol in hot vintage Rieslings, namely 2005 (I have a feeling 2007 will follow in '05s footsteps).  I found that this wine suffered from it too, but surprisingly, not to the extent of some others and, for the most part, primarily on the nose.  Smells were very petrol and peach pit -esque, but the palate delivered lemon-limey-ness and green apple acidity.  It certainly wasn't fresh, it had aged Riesling notes all over it, but it wasn't as loaded with gas as many other 2005 have been apt to be.

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