September 13, 2010

Stoney Ridge 2005 Proprietor`s Reserve Brut Sparkling Wine

(Re-Tasted September 2010) ... I first tried this bubbly in March or April of 2007 and then again at the Cuvee ``experts tasting`` 2 years ago.  The first time I tried the wine I thought it was good, the second time I thought it was very good and just the other day (my third go around with a bottle of this bubbly) I thought it was excellent.  This wine is just getting better with age, and that`s a good thing for those who were wise enough to have bought a few bottles and have let them rest awhile.  I opened this for a friend`s birthday and used some new Champagne glasses I got as a wedding present (it`s great when people know just what to get you).  The bubbles were persistent and playful - the aromas were biscuity, yeasty, bready and and slightly butterscotched.  The bubbles played on the tongue with dry lemon, apple and a slight toffee note danced their way through the mouth.  I have one bottle left and I am looking forward to opening it ... the big question is when ...

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