January 9, 2011

Vineland 2006 Dry Rieslng

(Re-Tasted January 2011) ... When you think of certain wines from certain wineries you expect good things ... and when it comes to Vineland and Riesling they fall into that category.  This was a Riesling that kept on giving
as the night wore on.  The nose started out with peach and paraffin and there was even a hint of bug-repellent in there, but it was a background smell that did not overpower the wine, it was just sorta there and it disappeared with time to leave just the peach and paraffin.  The taste was much more involving on the tongue.  Big acidity kicked off the show, lemon and lime notes with a slight paraffin backing.  Then time and air took over and it mellowed the wine.  It started off acidic and harsh but mellowed to crisp and refreshing.  The finish also delivered the goods, cutting through the lemon and acid to bring mac and green apple crispness to a long lingering finish.  Don't let the initial smell and taste fool you this one just needs about 15 minutes in the glass to really show you where it's going.

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