March 8, 2012

Colio Estate 2005 CEV Cabernet Sauvignon

(Re-Tasted March 2012) ... Here's an extremely well made wine from a great vintage in Ontario, and especially the Lake Erie North Shore; our most southerly and, by definition, hottest region.  The wine shows little of the 7 years it has under its belt (from vintage date) and 5 years from release.  The nose is blackberry, cassis with spice and pepper - it's nice to point out that the fruit is well seasoned aromatically.  The palate is dark fruit with hints of wood seasoning ... I'm thinking another year or two will let us determine where the wine is going: will the fruit dominate or will the wood take over?  I have one bottle left, I guess I have given myself my marching orders for its future ... looks like we'll have to revisit this one in 2014-2015.

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