July 6, 2012

Hillebrand 2005 Trius Cabernet Franc

(Re-Tasted July 2012) ... Last wine from the July 6th taste-a-thon and it seems I saved the best for last ... this Trius Cabernet Franc lived up to its promise and more.  Even seven years from vintage date the fruit is still all over this wine on both the nose and palate.  Tobacco, raspberry and cherry lead the charge on the nose here, and in the mouth it is harmonious and well-constructed.  The tannins are still holding their own but softening, the taste is still fruit driven, vibrant and tasty - this wine should hold easily for another 2-3 years if not a full five.  Seems I have a few more bottles so we'll check in with it at a later date ... I am hoping for good things, and if you're holding some you should expect it too - but if you decide to drink now you're gonna love it, it might be time to pull out a full bottles and enjoy.

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