January 5, 2013

Angels Gate 2005 Old Vines Chardonnay

(Re-Tasted January 2013) ... I definitely don't want to get off on my usual tangent about not being a big Chardonnay fan here, so I promise I won't, instead I'm here to tell you what a 7 year old bottle of old vines Chardonnay tasted like (or at least this bottle of 7-year-old Chardonnay tastes like) ... The nose was a powerful mix of butterscotch and vanilla - fruit did not seem to play a part in the olfactories, dried or otherwise.  On the palate there was a hint of some fruit, namely lime pith, but once again vanilla, butterscotch-toffee were prevalent in the mouth - the real surprise here was that there was still a healthy dose of acidity.  This wine has aged quite well for those who like barrel notes rather than fruit in their older Chardonnay ... if you are looking for fruit, focus your attention to wines that are younger.

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