June 6, 2013

3 Years of Rosewood Semillon - 2008, 2009, 2010

(Re-Tasted June 2013) ... This was not my usual tasting that I do in the confines of my own home, nor were these my own bottles (although I do have some back vintages of Rosewood Semillon in my cellar) - this was a tasting arranged by Krystina Roman of Rosewood at Treadwell's restaurant in Port Dalhousie (soon moving to Niagara on the Lake).  The tasting also included the two newest version of the Semillon: 2011 and 2012 (reviews can be found by clicking on the year).  This grape has been an oddity on the Ontario wine scene and its biggest proponent has been Rosewood and their winemaker Natalie Spytkowsky ... Natalie is now gone (from the winery) but the Semillon lives on as you will see from the tasting notes below - interesting to note that all these wines are unoaked.

Rosewood 2010 Semillon ... the nose leaves a little to be desired as all it appears to contain is a bit of waxiness; but where the nose leaves off the palate picks up and runs with it, it's tropically tinged along with big white fruit flavours especially a complete pineapple (skin to fruit).  It has a sexy, full mouthfeel, but is also lower in acidity (this is definitely a vintage variable) - there really is a nice fatness to this wine that fills the mouth with plenty of fruit... still very much alive and quite enjoyable, probably the one most likely to come out of the cellar this summer.

Rosewood 2009 Semillon ... probably one of the more impressive wines in the Semillon line up.  The nose on the 2009 is also quite peculiar but it's on the palate where it shows its true mettle.  Again you find quite a bit of tropicality to the fruit profile along with a touch of lanolin; but the acidity really carries the ball here, and that should come as no surprise as 2009 was known for its juggernaut of acidity, especially in fresh white wines.  This was the wine that showed the best evolution in the glass from first pour to last sip.  Still quite a complex wine worthy of extra time in the cellar.

Rosewood 2008 Semillon ... this is purely a drink now wine, there is no sign of being over the hill and I am sure it will age a few more years in a cellar, but it has a lovely mouthfeel right now, it's soft and gentle with an easy mouthfeel and a purity of fruit performance, especially mid-palate ... finish has some interesting notes about it like anise and vanilla.  Drink now before you lose some of the more interesting aspects about it.

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