March 17, 2014

Angels Gate 2008 Gamay

(Re-Tasted March 2014) ... When I first tried this wine is was already 3 years from vintage date, now another three years have passed, how would this light fruity Gamay be?  I found a bottle down in the cellar and decided to give it an hour worth of chill and enjoy it with a nice piece of salmon.  I can safely report that this wine is still holding its own ... the big berry bowl of fruit is gone, but there is still quite a bit of sour black cherry on the palate, a gentle spice that carries through to the finish and some good acidity that acts as backbone ... I can't complain one bit about this one, it's still a delicious wine.  This is my last bottle, but I think if you have some in your cellar you still have a couple of years to enjoy it.

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