February 25, 2008

Fielding Estate 2004 Semi-Dry Riesling

(Re-Tasted February 2008) … It’s hard to believe that this is from Fielding’s inaugural vintage and one of the first (of what has turned out to be many) Fielding wines I have fallen for. As Fielding embarks on a new winemaking chapter, with new winemaker Richie Roberts, it’s nice to look back to where they have been. Made by Andrzej Lipinski, now two winemakers removed from the project … we really see his ability to make solid whites – especially when given good grapes. The nose has developed into over-ripe peaches and rusty Delicious apples; there’s also a whisper of petrol (the sign of aged Riesling) in the background, along with a creamed honey note. Palate-wise there is still some great acidity powering this wine along; the fruit persists in the mouth with apples, pears and peaches soaked in a light cocktail sauce – the petrol is delicate and playful on the tongue … and the finish lingers like a houseguest at 1am – except this one is more than welcome to hang out. I just know we’ll come back to this one in a few years and still love it.

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