February 18, 2008

Thirteenth Street Winery 2004 Erv’s Burger Blend

(Re-Tasted February, 2008) ... So with the disappointment of the “Noirs” still sitting heavy on my tongue, I decided to reach back into my box of goodies and grab out another Thirteenth Street creation, this time the kitchen sink blend they lovingly call “Erv’s Burger Blend”, a mishmash of a whole bunch of grapes (Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, Merlot , Gamay and Pinot Noir). The nose was all woodsy, with tons of peppery-spicy goodness, a touch of cinnamon and caramel, and, as it opened up the waft of black licorice began eminating from the glass (some 45 minutes later). Tasting brought about the same kind of thrill - cinnamon, herbs and spices greeted the tongue upon first sip - the tannins had mellowed into sweet silkiness and lingering dark fruit on the finish - most notable at the 45 minute mark: tart cassis. This one’s still very nice, and those spices keep coming back on the finish, making up admirably for the disaster that was the “Noirs”.

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