August 11, 2008

Harbour Estates 2004 Petit Verdot / Malbec

(Re-Tasted August 2008) ... I really remember liking this wine back in March of 2006 (my memory isn’t that good – I looked it up) and when I lay it down I thought it would last a couple of years or more … maybe I was right, maybe I was wrong – but I certainly couldn’t tell with this bottle. The only word I can come up with on this one is nasty, and by that I’m not talking in that young, hip vunacular for “really good”.

At first the nose smelled of caraway seeds, then quickly and with more aeration it turned into old sweat socks, rotten vegetation and soaking wet baseme
nt. Inspecting the cork, I noticed that the wine had crept up about halfway. Further inspection of the cork showed that it was a combination disc/conglomerate (solid cork discs on each end, covering ground up and reconstituted cork pieces glued together). Of course, my professionalism and dedication to my craft forced me into putting the glass to my lips and taking a sip; afterall some of the best wines I’ve tried have had inexplicably funky noses. Uh … no … (oh, where is the sink when you need it) … the nose matched the taste, even worse. Too bad, I had some high hopes for this one.

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