October 22, 2008

Tawse Winery 2005 Echos Bistro Red

(Re-Tasted October 2008)
... It’s time to go to the LCBO … usually I don’t tell you to buy your VQA wines from the LCBO, but when a great wine is being blown out the door it’s time to take advan
tage. So I bought a few bottles of this one myself and decided to re-taste it, just to make sure. Yes it is too early to do a real re-tasting but this seemed like a good opportunity.

Tawse’s Echos, named after the way it echoes their big gun wine (the way it is made) is actually the declassified barrels from their “Grand Vin” … the level of quality is definitely there, it just didn’t make the cut for some reason – and that has always been fine with me. I was at the Bayview Village LCBO and found about a dozen or so bottles at a considerable savings (by LCBO standards), five dollars off (now $20.00). Cherry and plum – with good spice and herb notes, this wine still has plenty of time that it can age in the bottle so consider this an investment for future enjoyment at a great savings.

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