April 22, 2009

Flat Rock Cellars 2004 Riesling

Found April 2009

Funny this wine should be considered part of my Lost and Found section - I do have a tasting note on it from July 2006, but I never published it. At that time I said: "A great citrus nose, but not overpowering - this wine has mellowed since it’s release and drinks quite well now; though it does have a little tartness to it and tastes like a sweet lemonade." That's when I decided to lay it down and see what happens to the high acidity. Well all that sweetness and acidity helped preserve this wine beautifully and of course there's the screwcap - help, hinder ... we'll never know cause the wine was not simultaneously bottled under cork; but I am never one to shy away from a bottle of wine no matter what it is closed with. With a click I was off with the tasting. The smell was of mild petrol tones and lemon rind, while the palate proved a little more complex. Lots of mineral and lemon drop, the petrol also appeared in the mouth, but in a very mild-mannered way. The acidity was still very good and the fruit was a mixture of mac sweet and Granny-Smith tart (not fresh but by no mean mealy and old either) giving it a nice crisp entry and smooth exit. Time has not hurt this wine in any way, in fact it was very kind to it; I think a little more time would help too. Lost & Found Rating: Treasure


immissdixie said...

I love Flat Rock Riesling however I can't find it anywhere. I purchased a case of the combination 05 and 07 Riesling last year and have been saving my last bottle of 05. Is there somewhere I can find the 04? I'm heading to Niagara this weekend but I don't see it offered on the Flat Rock website. Thanks!

Michael Pinkus - Grape Guy said...

That's the beauty and drawback of wine - ya gotta pounce on it when you see it, taste it and like it because if you wait it might never be there when you get back to it. How's that for some fortune cookie philosophy - but true. As for getting your hands on some 2004, you'll have to talk very nicely to the winery to see if they have any left over for sale.