June 23, 2012

Huff Estates 2007 South Bay Chardonnay

(Re-Tasted June 2012) ... I think the original review this is linked up to (the audio portion anyway) has been lost in the ether of the internet; but the score, 4 stars (out of 5) has not; and on this Saturday afternoon with plenty of friends in attendance I thought it might be time to re-try this bottle.  Now granted I'm not far from the original review (two and a half years), but this really shows it has what it takes to stand the test of time.  The nose is pungently vanilla with loads of butter and some lovely baked apricot, while the palate is nicely spiced, especially on the finish with pretty baked apple notes - complete with cinnamon ... and it's that spicy note that just keeps on giving and giving ... plus there's some real good acidity to round it off nicely.  I still have one bottle left and I'm looking forward to giving it another couple of years to see where it ends up.  Something tells me I'm going to enjoy it.

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