March 19, 2013

Vineland Estates 2005 Elevation Cabernet-Merlot

(Re-Tasted March 2013) ... This was a beauty of a wine when it was released and now that is it 8 years old its even better.  First let me say how nice it is to open a bottle of 2005 wine and find a real cork stopping up the bottle, I have found so many plastic POS corks in 2005 wines that I was starting to expect those nasty pieces of plastic every time I open a 2005.  Now onto the wine.  I would like to say that the nose was overwhelmingly wonderful, but in truth it was pretty simplistic: spice, dark fruit, cinnamon and oak ... there was also something smoky to it, but that didn't show up till a little later.  Those who focus on the aromas too much are going to miss the best part of this wine though - and that's the palate - which just keeps on giving and giving and getting better and better with each passing 10 minute-block.  It started off slowly: spiced-cassis and blackberry along with vanilla-cinnamon-oak.  Then came a hint of blueberry skin. Wait a little longer in glass, the wine smooths out and you can find some licorice notes ... wait again and smokiness appears, then some chocolate ... but it wasn't just one note at a time, they all seem to meld one into another to a point where the wine was absolutely delicious combining all those flavours into each mouthful.  I do believe this wine has hit its sweet-spot, the question remains, how long will it stay there.

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