November 14, 2013

Henry of Pelham 2007 Reserve Cabernet/Merlot

(Re-Tasted November 2013) ... Please excuse me if I get a little more effusive than usual about a Taste it Again wine but I'm telling you this might be one of the best taste it again wines I have re-tasted in quite some time ... granted it is only (according to the review) 2 years from tasting date - but something tells me I have tasted this earlier than that and the dating of the original tasting might be a little off.  But let's go through this wine bit by bit so that you know why it is so awesome.  The nose screams of dark fruit: blackberry, black cherry and plum along with cinnamon and clove.  Palate still has wonderful tannin structure and comes off as really sexy in the mouth with a smoky quality, hints of cocoa, great spice balanced with vanilla, blackberry and cassis - there's also some lovely mocha-spice on the finish. If you have some of this wine in your cellar it is drinking beautifully right now, if you don't have any, find someone who does, this is a really beauty that seems to just keep on getting better and I don't think it has reached its plateau quite yet; it still has a few years but I'm telling you now is as good a time as any.

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Michael Pinkus said...

From Daniel Speck (co-owner Henry of Pelham) ... Glad you liked the 2007 Reserve Cabernet-Merlot. As I always do with wines in this tier, I hold onto some for re-release with age. For example we are selling a bit of our 2002 at the winery now (I love that wine!). If there is interest though, I'd be happy to pull some 2007 for anyone that would like it -- just contact in advance.