January 3, 2008

Willow Springs 2002 Cabernet

(Re-Tasted November 2007) … When I originally tried this wine I gave it rave reviews - I loved it, and the fact that it was made at a little known winery just north of Toronto, Stouffville, made it even more impressive. A few years later, well …as they say at NASA “Houston, we have a problem here.” First, we have the plastic cork closure, I have my opinions about these stoppers and they are not good. Many of the wines I've tasted that have aged 4 years or more under this closure have some funky flavors to them. Unfortunately, this one is no different. It has developed medicinal and over-ripe fruit funkyness on the nose - the taste lacks any kind of fruit characteristics whatsoever and instead delivers nothing but wood. This wine was much better young. If you've held it in the hopes of greater rewards, you've waited too long.

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