February 10, 2011

Tawse 2005 Echos Bistro Red

(Re-Tasted February 2011) ... If memory serves, this was Tawse Winery's first attempt to bring their wine to the masses, what I mean by that is that the price of the wine was not in the stratosphere, this was a very respectable $25 dollars, and while not your average every day drinker it was a special occasion wine that you could have on more of those semi-special occasions.  Back in July of 2007 I wrote that the wine could age 7 years or more.  I said this for two reasons: the pedigree of the wine and the pedigree of the vintage - both have good reputations.  When I first stuck my nose in the glass I thought I was going to be disappointed because there was an awful stinky smell emanating from the glass, with a little swirl and some air it seemed to open it up a little more and created some raspberry and wood spice smells - have to admit I was hoping for more.  But hold the phone, this wine was not done quite yet.  The palate was smooth and proved to be quite complex: dark strawberry, cherry, vanilla wood, hints of spice and a cocoa-strawberry-woody finish.  Still quite nice and very drinkable, just don't smell it without giving it a swirl or you'll be disappointed.  Seems I will be revisiting my other bottles of this wine sooner rather than later, but we are approaching the 7 year mark, so its time anyway.

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