February 1, 2011

Vineland 2006 Cabernet Franc


(Re-Tasted January 2011) ... Reading my notes from my previous review I told you to "Drink your ’06 now while waiting for the ‘05’s to come around" - in other words "Drink Now`.  I, on the other hand, because of this column, decided to hold on to the bottle and see where it goes.  Truth is it is not a bad wine, and if you like that hint of Ontario green pepper, then this is starting to turn your way.  The nose is dried raspberries with just a touch of the green pepper.  The palate shows a little bit more depth with tobacco, touches of smoky, dried fruit and a herbaceous note coming through, (read: that green pepper again).  The wine is smooth, dry and relatively pleasant to drink.  If you have any left now is really the time to drink up, not sure if you have two or three years left but it`d make for a great BBQ this summer.

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