October 17, 2011

Huff Estates 2006 Wismer Vineyard Riesling Reserve

(Re-Tasted October 2011) ... Reading my original review from 2007 I notice that the big change to this wine is the nose ... in the original the smells were sweet with peaches and apples, but now 5 years later those smells have move more toward the way the palate is going to offer them up.  The first aroma to grab the nose is petrol, but it subsides quickly to reveal green apple and lime notes.  The palate for this "dry" Riesling really is, and if you like sweetness in your Rieslings you've waited too long to enjoy this one; but if you enjoy 'em dry you've got what you came for: lime, sour lemon, orange peel and just a hint of petrol to show it has some age.  This one is definitely living up to its billing.

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