October 16, 2011

Pelee Island 2005 Vinedressers Shiraz

(Re-Tasted October 2011) ... This was my second bottle of Shiraz (or Syrah) on a night of disappointments.  The good news, I guess, that the wine in this bottle was still alive.  Now 2005 was a good year for reds in Ontario and the southern most point, Pelee Island, got some real nice flavours out of these grapes, as per my notes of September 2009 - but now looking back over them I see that there was all kinds of the same flavours back then that it has now, but with an element added and an element taken away.  Some 4 years later the wine seems to be falling apart.  Back then I was in love with the spicy-peppery notes in the wine and started to see some dark fruits emerge.  But the nose has gone all cedary along with those black pepperish aromas; while the palate has the spice and black pepper there seems to be a real cedary flavour, and the thought of some fruit coming to the rescue is long gone ... there does not seem to be a spec of fruit left in this bottle.  Granted the wine seemed to smooth out over the course of an hour, dropping some of the harsh tannins that also were prevalent in the bottle, but it remained all woody and black pepper in flavour.  While it was drinkable it seems to work better with the food than on its own.

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