February 19, 2013

13th Street 2006 Wismer Vineyard Syrah

(Re-Tasted February 2013) ...  For a 6 year old Syrah from a fairly unimpressive vintage here in Ontario the wine seems to have held up pretty well - if you let it get out of its funk.  The first smell might turn you off - but bear with it for a minute or two and it will start to reveal itself: smoky, leathery, licorice, cigar box, sour cherry and raw bacon all made an appearance during my hour and a half long tasting of this wine.  The palate also needed a little time to come around and when it did it also rewarded patience: smoky, meaty, anise seed, freeze-dried raspberry and white pepper ... currently there's a smoothness with the right amount of acidity.  Not sure how long this bottle will last, I would not give it anymore than two years if you have a bottle or two in your cellar, as it is already cresting the hill of age; but for the time being, given it's age and the vintage this find truly is a treasure.

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