February 13, 2013

Thirteenth Street Winery 2002 G. H. Funk Vineyard Cabernet-Merlot

(Re-Tasted February 2013) ... Now here's something that rarely happens, I'm doing a Taste it Again review of a wine that originally appeared in the Lost and Found - usually if I have a few bottles of something I have reviewed it before on the main site (ontariowinereview) - but for some odd reason this wine never made it there and first appeared 6 years after vintage date in another forum.  Almost 5 years to the date (I'm shy by 6 days) I decided to open this wine one last time (it is after-all my last bottle) and see how this wine is doing.  For you fans of 13th Street wine you will be pleasantly surprised, because it is awesome.  The nose hints at dark berries with a touch of cedar along with some anise seed, cinnamon and currants.  The palate is robust with tannins, but they don't over-power, the cedar is present so is black currant and an interesting finish reminiscent of black ball candy or Black Bart chewing gum (you know, licorice, but with something more interesting behind it) ... there are some great secondary and tertiary flavours coming through.  You'll also find some fine sediment coating the glass.  I would recommend a drink now approach to this wine cause after a decade I can't see this one getting much better than it is right now.  And it is very good.

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