May 4, 2013

Featherstone 2009 Gamay

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(Re-Tasted May 2013) ... I guess I should not be surprised at a wine that I tasted and reviewed less than two years ago but let me tell you I think this wine is now even better now than it was back then.  When I spoke with winery co-owner Louise Engel she told me, "Our inspiration is the great Gamays produced at 13th Street" and here in Ontario those are pretty lofty standards to aspire.  Last night I opened the wine with a flick of the wrist (screwcap thank you very much) and poured the wine into a Burgundy style glass ... an explosion of fruit (cherry) hit my nose almost instantly ... the palate was also front loaded with cherry both of the sour and fresh/sweet variety).  The wine itself is fresh, enjoyable and incredibly easy drinking.  It's quaffable and thirst quenching, especially because it had just a touch of a wine-fridge chill on it.  The fruit has meshed together, the acidity is in perfect balance, there's little in the way of tannin to get in the way ... it truly is stunningly delicious and paired incredible well with my stuffed-chicken breast dinner.  Sadly, I have recently learned that Featherstone will no longer be making Gamay and there are but 8 cases left of 2010 and that's all that they have.  I'm not sure I'll be able to get over this quickly - but at least I have a few bottle of the '09 and a couple of '10s to remind me of the great Gamay Featherstone used to produce.

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