May 7, 2013

Maleta 2007 VIEW Chardonnay

(Re-Tasted May 2013) ... It's a lovely spring Saturday and a Chardonnay-loving friend is coming over for dinner - now we started with a half glass of Rose (Chateau des Charmes 2012) and moved quickly on to the main white (this Maleta Chardonnay).  Now granted, my first review is just shy of 2 years ago, and it was released less than 3 years ago, but this was a hot vintage Chardonnay - so it's interesting to see its quick evolution.  Truth is it is drinking perfectly now, as long as you like bigger flavours in your Chardonnay:  anise and butter do appear along with some rather pleasing toffee notes.  Those looking for fruit will find it in the form of baked peach and apple crumble along with its accompanying spiced nuances and characteristics.  For a 6 year old hot vintage Chardonnay this is rather tasty - but as our Chardonnay lover pointed out, "I wouldn't hold this much longer"; I happen to agree, so I'm glad to report that was my last bottle, and we drank it just in time.

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