May 5, 2013

Malivoire 2009 M2 Gamay - Small Lot

(Re-Tasted May 2013) ... A stunning Sunday night and the new charcoal BBQ is heating up awaiting the freshly purchased sausages ... temperature is in the mid-20's and I can't believe it's only May ... but such weather requires a chilled Gamay and I pulled out a previous 5-star favourite from the 2009 vintage.  '09 was great for acidity, Pinto Noirs and Rieslings benefited, but so did this absolutely scrumptious Gamay.  This Small Lot M2 first saw the shelves of Malivoire this year and was their third Gamay in their wine line-up.  They have kept the line and expanded it but nothing 9yet) has matched this exquisite 2009 and now only 4 years later I think it's even better than it was when I reviewed it back in June of 2010.  Loaded with fruit like cherry hints of raspberry, red licorice and all lightly sprinkled with white pepper ... with absolutely no sign of giving up those great smells and flavours.  Gamay doesn't get much better than this and nor do the days on which to drink it ... and the photo here reflects it.

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